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The Beauty of Beach Sadhana

Kundalini Yoga Western Australia - Tuesday, March 27, 2018
It's dark when we arrive and not even the polar bears – the old people who swim every morning at Port Beach – are out yet. We find what has become our usual spot – just far enough away from the main action that begins with people and dogs at around sunrise – and set up. Electric candles in the centre a practical solution to the wind, providing something of cozyness. Japji commences. The waves roll in. We tune in. The sky begins to lighten. The sand takes our forms as we lie down and rug up for the relaxation following the yoga. All is perfectly timed. The flies are part of it, when they're there, which is only once so far. Once a flock of seagulls visited and stayed. Another day a man jogged up and asked us what we were doing. We're joining our souls to the all soul. That's the short answer, but not the one we gave!

It's been the long slow Mul Mantra for us over the last weeks – our meditation – the ballad of enlightenment. And we take 33 minutes to chant that 11 times. Guru Ram Das mantra for 5 minutes. Closing song and 3 sat nams and we're done. All that's left is that sublime post-sadhana stretch under the vast, fresh sky in the new, kind sun and a look at the ocean and the people in the distance doing their thing on the beach. Oh, and then breakfast, where there is often laughter and things to say and hear and a communal enjoyment of the fruits of our labours: cherdi kala – the good spirits that come from union with oneself and communion with the divine. Wednesdays are goooood days.

Who knows h
ow long we will stay at the beach, as the weather turns. As long as we feel it. And then we will find cover.

You're welcome to join us as is everyone. And it's free. All it costs is those extra 1.5 to 2 hours sleep. But you'll get something a whole lot more revitalising in return.

A story of transformation ~ Jaya

Kundalini Yoga Western Australia - Thursday, September 21, 2017

Kundalini yoga can change your life! A personal sharing from Jaya

From a very young age, I have felt a Loving Presence in my life. My first memory of this was when I was 4yo. I had an experience of Jesus sitting at the end of my bed. This Loving Presence has remained with me throughout my whole life.

I felt troubled when I was young. I felt like an outsider and I didn’t have many friends. I used alcohol and cannabis to self-medicate uncomfortable thoughts and emotions. When I was 22yo, I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome and I was very depressed with my 2yo daughter. Life was not good.

I was unhappy and very keen to make some changes. I started reading books from Louise Hay and Wayne Dyer. I was having an experience of the positive affirmations that Louise Hay suggested I say in the mirror and write in my journal everyday.

In 1993, I came across yoga and the classical spiritual text, A Course in Miracles. I knew within my heart that these practices would help me. I started a daily spiritual practice and immediately my life was changing. My relationship with myself and others were starting to heal. I experienced a healing from chronic fatigue and depression. Daily yoga and spiritual practice became connection points to the miracle and my Divine Self.

I let go of yoga for a long time. I should have stayed with it as I’m sure it would of prevented my relapses. I would occasionally relapse on alcohol and cannabis. During these phases in my life,  I would not experience the miracle. Depression came, and went again. By 2007, alcohol and cannabis let go of me. I noticed that the usual crowd of drinking and drugging friends left my life. I met new ‘clean’ friends. I starting going to parties that had no alcohol or cannabis!

In 2011, I lost thousands of dollars in a bad investment. I nearly lost my house. This was a turning point in my spirituality. I became A Course in Miracles student full-time and went to live in a spiritual community.

I thought it would be all love and light. Although, when you really go for God, sometimes all your stuff can come up in your conscious awareness to be healed. This was a very lumpy and difficult time. Lots of support, love and healing were happening.

I fell in love with a man from the other side of the country, Perth! 5000 kms away! I left the community to live with this man that I truly loved in my heart. Well… I was still in some sort of spiritual emergence, although being away from all that I knew and the support of the community, my experience soon became a spiritual crisis or dark night of the soul. Every single feeling that you can imagine was coming up. Intense emotion, mystical experiences, and deep depression. Bipolar symptoms can be normal on the spiritual path.

In 2012, I 'accidentally' discovered Kundalini yoga (KY) when I was traveling in India. I had a very deep experience with KY from the very first class. I so loved how KY made me feel. I loved breath of fire and I loved the music. I had been a seasoned 'chanter' for some time, so I felt right at home with the mantra. It all touched me very deeply.

The effect it has had on my life is profound. Kundalini yoga helps me to get out of my busy and worried head and into my body. This style of yoga helps me to feel present and grounded. I can take a step back from the mind with all of its ups and downs. I have become a 'mind watcher' I feel identified with my spiritual strength. My mood is balanced most of the time and I don't feel any need to self-medicate through substances. I'm clear in my mind and I'm happy most of the time. And physically, I feel younger and healthier. I have a lot more energy and I have lost a lot of weight.

The key for me is daily spiritual practice - sadhana. A daily date with my infinite self - Yay!!

Kundalini yoga to me is more than a physical practice. The body helps me to slow down the thoughts, feel present and gets me into my heart. KY offers me a sense of self-love and acceptance. It helps me to be clear and present with whatever is happening in my life. It offers me direction and purpose so I can see the opportunities in the middle of problems. 

Love, love… Jaya

Jaya offers life transformation programs and Kundalini yoga classes in the Fremantle area.

Please click here to find out more.

Kundalini Yoga Universe part 3: the word God

Kundalini Yoga Western Australia - Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Welcome to the third instalment of the Kundalini Yoga Universe blog.

This time we tackle the word God.

God is a word that is used in Kundalini Yoga teachings. Yogi Bhajan, master of this tradition, used it a lot. It even appears in some kriyas (exercise sets) and meditations, as a mantra.

It is a word that elicits all sorts of reactions in people in our culture, in Australia. Some have their own relationship to it and are comfortable or even positive about it, while others don't really care, while some others feel some mild suspicion all the way up to strong aversion.

It's not surprising, given the history of organised religion around the world. It might even be enough to scare some people off Kundalini Yoga altogether.

What is meant by the word God in Kundalini Yoga, which is most definitely not a religion, but a technology and also a spiritual path?

The God that is meant is not the Christian, man with flowing white beard in the sky, God. (Although maybe also that God – nothing wrong with that.) It is referring rather to the universal intelligence that animates all life. It's the vibrating, creating, sustaining and dissolving force that is so difficult to talk about and yet which humans have tried to describe and name since time immemorial – just to relate to it. In Kundalini Yoga we vibrate it. We vibrate the name – or the Naam. Our aim is to vibrate Sat Naam – our TRUE identity, which is …... God!

So God in this practice is not a God outside of you – controlling, judging, accepting or rejecting you. No. It is INSIDE you. And all around you. And in all others. In the mineral, vegetable, animal, human and angelic realms. And in all the spaces between. And in all the realms we know nothing about. Through all dimensions and through all time: that is God. In short, there is nowhere that it is not.

It is also genderless. He she it. But manifests in all genders.

People call it many names. We have the One, the Divine, Sat Naam. Wahe Guru. Sat Narayan Wahe Guru. Adi Shakti. Har. Ram. Ma. And so many more. In no conflict with Jehovah, Allah, Great Spirit, Divine Mother etc etc etc. 

The Hindu holy trinity of G – generate (Brahma). O – organise or sustain (Vishnu). D – deliver or destroy (Shiva).

Many appearances and aspects of the one thing. Many metaphors in order to appear to our senses, to enter the realm of the play of life, light takes on colour and 3D form. And so humans relate to this colourless, formless essence or primary intelligence by clothing it and naming it.

Why? Why not just forget about it and not talk about it, since the word God is so loaded, misused and controversial for people in this culture? We could just skip those bits surely?

Well, because people long to relate to and talk to and about this greater-than-us that has no name and so many names. We need to relate to it to put ourselves into perspective and know who we really are - our true identity. We long to know that we belong to and are in fact a manifestation of this greater. To God. That we are all connected in this whole vast web and that it IS intelligent. Life has a point and meaning. We long to be happy and healthy – glowing and vital and on purpose. And along the way we realise that there's a third element to this healthy and happy and that's holy. Wholly whole means holy. And a part of the whole big whole. When you live as though you were connected with the whole you begin to vibrate with the whole. Yogi Bhajan's 5th Sutra for the Aquarian Age – vibrate the cosmos and the cosmos will clear the path. And so, by chanting names of the One whole intelligence, whatever they may be, we vibrate with the whole cosmos. Our lives become filled with this vibration and we know the vitality that comes from a connection to the universal power source.

This may have drifted too far out into the cosmos for some!

But next time you're in class or you are watching a video or whatever the context may be and the word God pops up, perhaps by having considered how you might dismantle previous beliefs and assumptions attached to that word, you will be ready to approach it and let it approach you afresh. No need to throw the baby out with the bath water. And ultimately, who decides what or who God is for you, is you.