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The Beauty of Beach Sadhana

Kundalini Yoga Western Australia - Tuesday, March 27, 2018
It's dark when we arrive and not even the polar bears – the old people who swim every morning at Port Beach – are out yet. We find what has become our usual spot – just far enough away from the main action that begins with people and dogs at around sunrise – and set up. Electric candles in the centre a practical solution to the wind, providing something of cozyness. Japji commences. The waves roll in. We tune in. The sky begins to lighten. The sand takes our forms as we lie down and rug up for the relaxation following the yoga. All is perfectly timed. The flies are part of it, when they're there, which is only once so far. Once a flock of seagulls visited and stayed. Another day a man jogged up and asked us what we were doing. We're joining our souls to the all soul. That's the short answer, but not the one we gave!

It's been the long slow Mul Mantra for us over the last weeks – our meditation – the ballad of enlightenment. And we take 33 minutes to chant that 11 times. Guru Ram Das mantra for 5 minutes. Closing song and 3 sat nams and we're done. All that's left is that sublime post-sadhana stretch under the vast, fresh sky in the new, kind sun and a look at the ocean and the people in the distance doing their thing on the beach. Oh, and then breakfast, where there is often laughter and things to say and hear and a communal enjoyment of the fruits of our labours: cherdi kala – the good spirits that come from union with oneself and communion with the divine. Wednesdays are goooood days.

Who knows h
ow long we will stay at the beach, as the weather turns. As long as we feel it. And then we will find cover.

You're welcome to join us as is everyone. And it's free. All it costs is those extra 1.5 to 2 hours sleep. But you'll get something a whole lot more revitalising in return.