Next Full Moon Meditation -10th April in Roleystone

27-Apr-2011 10-Apr-2017

Join us for a Full Moon Meditation near you as each month a different teacher from our community leads us in a healing and empowering experience. 

Kundalini Yoga offers a wealth of kriyas (sets of yoga exercises) and meditations, including special full moon group meditations, which can be used to tap into and beneficially direct the energy of the full moon.

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The fee is usually $10, with this money going to KYWA, contributing to us being able to fund this website and to bring the teachings to our community.

You can always find info about the next Meditation on this page, or on Facebook Kundalini Yoga Western Australia or by subscribing to receive our newsletter and updates on the homepage of this website:

Next Full Moon Meditation 

Monday 10th April
6.30pm to 8pm
Roleystone Family Centre, 19 Wygonda Road Roleystone
$10 - proceeds to KYWA
To Bring: Mat, cushion if needed, water bottle

Contact and bookings: Pavandev Kaur - 0423 650 895

Please text your intention to come

Some words from Pavandev..

This month's full moon occurs in the signs of Libra and Aries. Full Moons reflect the polarities of Sun and Moon energies.
Our moon energy reflects our self-image, ego, as it is on the inside.
The Sun, our outwardly creative self through feeling a purpose.
In the light of this Full moon the archetypes of Aries and Libra come into force.
Aries energy is about initiating action, energy moving outwards from the centre, taking a step forward towards our soul's desire. New beginnings.
Libran energy is also an initiating energy though it does so by extremes. Evaluating itself and learning inner balance through relationships with others.
Giving as well as taking. A movement from "me" to "we". In Balance.
The Full moon also falls at the beginning of Mercury Retrograde. A signal to slow down a little with the forward movement. To move upwards or forwards a strong foundation
or a clear view ahead is required. Mercury, the messenger of the Gods, in Taurus, is creating an opportunity to reflect on what our values and needs (Taurus) are,
see what may block the path ahead and reflect on firmer plan of action going forward.
The gift of the Full moon is the opportunity to be a giver and a receiver. To be able to balance your needs and the needs of others while still being honouring the Self.

We would be honoured to have you visit us in Roleystone this month for the Full Moon Mediation. Our Kriya will be "Prana and Apana Balance" to facilitate the space for healing through mediation.
I hope you will join us. Pavandev

If you can't make it to a Full Moon Meditation, as an alternative you can do this one at home

from our Nov 14 full moon celebration: