Agni Workshop March ~ with GuruJIvan Kaur

01-Jan-2017 26-Mar-2017

P E R T H   W O R K S H O P  M A R C H  2 0 1 7

 A G N I ~ Fire


with GuruJivan Kaur, Lead Teacher Trainer and Senior Teacher from Melbourne

Sunday 26th March 2017

“Fire is within everything. Mother earth, the universe, our very own bodies!!!
If we could learn to harness that fire power within to awaken our Selves imagine the state of the world. Come join us to awaken the kundalini fire within to elevate our True nature and share it with all whom we come into contact with.”

Date: Sunday 26th March 2017, 9am to 1pm

Venue: 8 Limbs Studio, 220 Carr Place Leederville

Cost: $75 per person or $130 for two people

Enquiries/Bookings: SevaSimran Kaur/Suzanne at or 0414 883 139 (please text)