Har Simran Jodh Kaur/ Jaya Jones

Classes in: Kardinya

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   Har Simran Jodh Kaur/ Jaya Jones












My yoga journey began in 1987. It helped me during a very low and transformational time in my life. I let go of yoga for a while and then years later I discovered kundalini yoga during another significant life change. In my first class, I fell in love… I felt so inspired by the mantra, music, breath and postures. Kundalini yoga does something miraculous to my heart, mind and energy.

Kundalini yoga to me is more than a physical practice. It offers me a sense of self-love and acceptance. Kundalini yoga helps me to be clear and present with whatever is happening in my life. My kundalini yoga classes are challenging, yet playful and meditative, centred on core strength. I firmly believe that our experience on the yoga mat can directly connect with our experience off the mat.

I am also a qualified counsellor and spiritual emergence coach. I am passionate about sadhana – daily spiritual practice. I have designed a spiritual practice program to support you to really know yourself and your life purpose. Sadhana is a 40-day life transformation program that cultivates your spiritual strength and to create harmony at a deep inner level so you can be clear and present with whatever is happening in your life. Sadhana stabilises the inevitable ups and downs and offers you wisdom so you can see the opportunities in the middle of problems.