Harsimrat/ Nicki Walters

Classes in: Kalamunda 

Contact details: M. 0400 373 100    E. nickiharsimrat@iinet.net.au


My background is in dance and movement. I have a teaching degree in Dance and taught for ten years in North East Scotland. There I specialized in running community dance projects for people with a wide range of special needs, including autistic children; deaf children; physically disabled children and adults; people with eating disorders and other mental illness; and seniors with limited mobility. I also directed a dance company for adults with learning difficulties.

I discovered Yoga 20 years ago when I employed an Iyengar Yoga teacher to work at the dance space I was running in Aberdeen. After practicing various kinds of Yoga over the years, I finally found one that resonated with me: Kundalini Yoga. After qualifying as a teacher in 2010, I started my own open class in Lesmurdie and I now teach in Kalamunda. 

I have always been a strong believer in daily physical exercise, but have discovered since doing my own daily spiritual practice that the combination of the two is truly life changing. My mission is to communicate that discipline to as many people as possible so that they may enhance their own life experience.