Sat Sangeet Singh / Glenn Rogers

Classes in:  Leederville

Contact details:  P: 92051188 or E.



 I taught yoga for three and a half years at Karnet prison where I taught long term prisoners music and yoga. I have practiced Ashtanga and Iyengar yoga and choy lay fut kung fu, my practice now is just Kundalini Yoga and I never miss a day. The turning point for me was the experience of complete emptiness and non existence during a meditation. It was a life and death experience, something absolute. I don’t fully understand the experience and I am still coming to terms with it; it did however allow me to view the world from a more selfless position. I’m dedicated to the practice and teaching of Kundalini Yoga as the benefits are truly manifold.

I have degrees in Cultural studies/Philosophy, a bachelor of music performance and a Dip Ed. I’m currently studying for my masters, researching the mathematical calculations of South Indian music and their application to western instruments. For more go to my website