Sadhana means daily spiritual practice. In the Kundalini Yoga tradition it is also called Aquarian Sadhana. It consists of: chanting Japji (Song of the Soul, the morning prayer), a kriya (set of asanas and breath); deep relaxation; and mantra meditation ie. Chanting / singing. 

It is a beautiful way to start your day, a communion with your own soul in the twilight time between night and first light, when the veil to the impressionable subconscious is thin and the world is quiet. This “ambrosial” time around dawn is the time to clean your subconscious mind, to be fresh, alert, clear and conscious for the day ahead.

2.5 hours represents approximately 10% of the day, which is said to be the time needed to relate to your soul on a daily basis and to let the resulting depth of calibre in your character carry your day. It’s a discipline that is self-loving, that gives you the gift of you.

Perth Hills:
When: Every 4th Sunday 5am to 7.30am
By donation (donations going to native animal rescue centre)
Where: Raising Vibrations Studio, 53 Union Rd, Carmel
RSVP and enquiries: Siri Adi Kaur: 0403 189 509

Fremantle area:
When: Every Wednesday morning 5am to 7.30am (please check in with us before coming)
By donation 
Where: A Place Just To Be, 4 Preston Pt Road, East Fremantle
Details: Bring mat, cushion if needed, warm blanket for the morning chill and water.
RSVP and enquiries Jai Ram Kaur 0417 600 751