The screen on our iPhone reads 4:00 AM as the alarm starts to go off, but we already have been up for fifteen minutes in anticipation of a brisk cold shower in the chill of the morning, eucalyptus-scented air. By 4:20, we are out the door and on our way to the Sadhana Tent admiring the endless stars in the night sky. As we draw closer to the glowing festival tent in the middle of the valley field, we are joined by the masses of white-covered yogis.

Quietly, we put down our sheepskins, bundle under our blankets, and admire the flowing backdrop of water along the stage as we await the start of Japji. Every morning begins with the beautiful recitation of Guru Nanak’s words followed by an hour of Kundalini kriya and the Adi Shakti mantra. The real magic begins around 6:00 AM as the sun is about to rise, the temperature drops to its coldest, and the live music begin to flow from the stage as the mantras of Yogi Bhajan’s Aquarian Sadhana fill us with inner warmth. As we finish the Guru Ram Das mantra, the sun breaches the limestone escarpments and floods the Australian bush with the light of a new day.

Every moment of the Kundalini Yoga Festival Australia had its own beauty and wonder. The theme thread through the weekend was to learn how to Obey, Serve, Love, and Excel in our own lives. The daily workshops spanned a variety of topics including women’s empowerment circles, healing yourself, men’s gatherings, sacred cacao ceremonies, numerology courses, leadership classes, and of course lots and lots of powerful kundalini yoga with teachers from all across the globe.

Three times a day, we gathered for delicious langar-style vegan meals in the great tent. A tradition brought from the Golden Temple in Amritsar, India of sitting in long rows facing one another to acknowledge our shared oneness as a community. This is the time when we really got to meet our sangat (community) and form closer connections.

A touching kirtan memorial to Guru Dass was one of the highlights of the weekend, remembering the teacher who gave so much to the KY community. Every day was capped off by gong baths and sound healing sessions to integrate the day’s practices.

The weekend concluded with a presentation of gifts from the next generation of yogis. The kid’s camp hand-painted rocks with messages and quotes from Yogi Bhajan for every person in attendance.

We left feeling inspired and motivated to share this technology with everyone in WA. Kundalini is growing fast in Australia and these are very exciting times to be part of this community that can be a lighthouse for the teachings.


About the Contributors: Sunder Atma Singh and Nam Nishan Singh are the founders of Life Uplifted Academy. They teach weekly classes in Perth CBD and Mosman Park. For schedules and more information please visit http://www.LifeUplifted.Academy or follow them on Instagram @LifeUplifted.Academy