Kundalini Research Institute (KRI) approved Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training is conducted in 3 levels. 

Level 1 is to become an instructor. This is a 220 hour professional training course regulated and internationally recognised by KRI.

Karam Kriya Australia’s 2019 WA Level One Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training, beginning May 25th, is open for registrations.

This 220 hour professional training is a remarkable and transformative journey. Whether you intend to teach or your main focus is to deepen your own practice and experience of your self, the experience offers you an accelerated path of learning.

Aquarian Teacher Training is not only about making instructors, but also aims to create authentic, creative and courageous individuals.To find out more about the other teacher training on in WA that commences August 2018, Click here 

Level 2 training is organised into 5 modules of 6 day trainings. They are called Lifecylces and Lifestyles, Stress and Vitality, Authentic Relationships, Conscious Communications and Mind and Meditation. These modules are available to Level One certified Kundalini Yoga instructors. However, attendance without this qualification may also be possible, though attendants without Level One will not receive a certificate. To find out more about Karam Kriya – Level 2 training that starts in November 2020, Click here

Level 3 is a further level from here, currently being run and developed in Europe and USA.

Karam Kriya School Australia currently offers Level 1 and 2 training in Australia.

please contact:

Email direct to karamkriya.australia@gmail.com

Or call Jai Ram Kaur M. 0417 600 751

Jai Inder Kaur M. 0467 557 345