Kundalini Research Institute-based Kundalini Yoga (KRI) is an integrative combination of movements and postures, conscious breathing, deep relaxation, mantra and meditation. It is a dynamic and powerful tool for total health, well-being and personal fulfillment.

Kundalini Yoga Classes

In each Kundalini Yoga class, after an opening mantra usually followed by a warm-up sequence, we work with a set of exercises or Kriya designed to work on a particular body system or area, state of mind or emotion or area of yogic physiology. There are hundreds of different Kriyas, all based on an ancient and precise yogic science. The Kundalini Yoga teacher leads you through the Kriya, so there is no prior knowledge necessary and you benefit straight away. The Kriya is followed by a period of deep relaxation to integrate the positive effects and relax deeply, then a theme-based meditation before finishing.

Improving health

From a physical perspective, regular practice of Kundalini Yoga can improve circulation, help balance out muscle tension, bring relief to injuries, melt away stiffness and tiredness, improve digestion, strengthen and relax the nervous system, harmonise the metabolic and glandular systems, balance out moods, bring mental clarity and much more. Through the movements, postures and meditations imbalances are corrected, your life energy is increased and brought into flow.

Kundalini Yoga also has powerful, positive effects on the mind and emotions. It helps you to slow down and relax, quenches the thirst for meaning which can often get lost in our fast, modern life, affirms you in your innate self-worth and with it you can work through blocks, anxieties and fears.

Kundalini Yoga is also the Yoga of Consciousness and while it is great as a weekly tune-up it can also, if you wish, be taken on as a deep spiritual practice. The process involves over time raising and integrating higher levels of energy and consciousness, awakening the potential of your own soul and embracing more and more whole-heartedly a life of health, happiness and wholeness.

Further information about Kundalini Yoga

The FAQ page of this website addresses some common questions but if you need more information or still have questions please feel free to either contact any of  our teachers or contact us through this website.